Minimally described Cordell Collection pre 1901


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English Monolingual, 1800-1810

English Monolingual, 1811-1820

English Monolingual, 1821-1825

English Monolingual, 1826-1830

English Monolingual, 1831-1835

English Monolingual, 1836-1840

English Monolingual, 1841-1845

English Monolingual, 1846-1850

English Monolingual, 1851-1855

English Monolingual, 1856-1859

English Monolingual, 1860-1863

English Monolingual, 1864-1867

English Monolingual, 1868-1871

English Monolingual, 1872-1875

English Monolingual, 1876-1879

English Monolingual, 1880-1883

English Monolingual, 1884-1887

English Monolingual, 1888-1891

English Monolingual, 1892-1895

English Monolingual, 1896-undated

Danish Monolingual

Dutch Monolingual

French Monolingual 1722-1814

French Monolingual 1815-1900

German Monolingual

Greek Monolingual

Hebrew Monolingual

Hungarian Monolingual

Italian Monolingual

Latin Monolingual

Marathi Monolingual

Old English Monolingual

Old Norse Monolingual

Portuguese Monolingual

Spanish Monolingual

Swedish Monolingual

Abenakis-English Bilingual

Albanian-French Bilingual

Albanian-Italian Bilingual

Amharic-English Bilingual

Arabic-English Bilingual

Arabic-Latin Bilingual

Arabic-Portuguese Bilingual

Armenian-English Bilingual

Assamese-English Bilingual

Australian-English Bilingual

Awabakal-English Bilingual

Aymara-Spanish Bilingual

Basque-French Bilingual

Bulgarian-English Bilingual

Bulgarian-German Bilingual

Carib-French Bilingual

Catalan-Latin Bilingual

Chinese-English Bilingual

Chinese-French Bilingual

Chinook-English Bilingual

Cornish-English Bilingual

Cree-English Bilingual

Creole-English Bilingual

Dakota-English Bilingual

Danish-English Bilingual

Danish-French Bilingual

Danish-Latin Bilingual

Danish-Swedish Bilingual

Dutch-English Bilingual

Dutch-French Bilingual

Dutch-German Bilingual

Dutch-Latin Bilingual

Egyptian-French Bilingual

English-Esperanto Bilingual

English-French Bilingual, 1480-1794

English-French Bilingual, 1795-1837

English-French Bilingual 1838-N.D.

English-Gaelic Bilingual

English-German Bilingual

English-Greek Bilingual

English-Hawaiian Bilingual

English-Hebrew Bilingual

English-Hindi Bilingual

English-Icelandic Bilingual

English-Italian Bilingual

English-Japanese Bilingual

English-Kharia Bilingual

English-Khasi Bilingual

English-Kongo Bilingual

English-Korean Bilingual

English-Latin Bilingual, 1483-1800

English-Latin Bilingual, 1801-1850

English-Latin Bilingual, 1851-N.D.

English-Malay Bilingual

English-Manx Bilingual

English-Maori Bilingual

English-Marathi Bilingual

English-Mota Bilingual

English-Narragansett Bilingual

English-Nez Perce Bilingual

English-Norwegian Bilingual

English-Old English Bilingual

English-Old French Bilingual

English-Oriya Bilingual

English-Otchipwe Bilingual

English-Penn German Bilingual

English-Persian Bilingual

English-Portuguese Bilingual

English-Pushto Bilingual

English-Romany Bilingual

English-Russian Bilingual

English-Sanskrit Bilingual

English-Spanish Bilingual

English-Swedish Bilingual

English-Tamil Bilingual

English-Tibetan Bilingual

English-Tongan Bilingual

English-Turkish Bilingual

English-Umbundu Bilingual

English-Volapuk Bilingual

English-Welsh Bilingual

English-Zulu Bilingual

Eskimo-German Bilingual

French-German Bilingual

French-Hungarian Bilingual

French-Italian Bilingual

French-Khmer Bilingual

French-Latin Bilingual

French-Nahuatl Bilingual

French-Old French Bilingual

French-Persian Bilingual

French-Portuguese Bilingual

French-Russian Bilingual

French-Spanish Bilingual

French-Swahili Bilingual

French-Swedish Bilingual

French-Vietnames Bilingual

French-Wyandot Bilingual

German-Greek Bilingual

German-Hungarian Bilingual

German-Italian Bilingual

German-Latin Bilingual

German-Mandingo Bilingual

German-Romanian Bilingual

German-Sanskrit Bilingual

German-Serbo-Croat Bilingual

German-Slovene Bilingual

German-Spanish Bilingual

German-Swedish Bilingual

German-Volapuk Bilingual

German-Wendish Bilingual

Gothic-Latin Bilingual

Greek-Italian Bilingual

Greek-Latin Bilingual

Hebrew-Latin Bilingual

Hungarian-Latin Bilingual

Icelandic-Latin Bilingual

Icelandic-Old Norse Bilingual

Italian-Latin Bilingual

Italian-Spanish Bilingual

Kashmiri-Sanskrit Bilingual

Latin-Old English Bilingual

Latin-Polish Bilingual

Latin-Sanskrit Bilingual

Latin-Spanish Bilingual

Latin-Swedish Bilingual

Latin-Welsh Bilingual

Old Swedish-Swedish Bilingual

Oriya-Sanskrit Bilingual

Otomi-Spanish Bilingual

Paez-Spanish Bilingual

Pampanga-Spanish Bilingual

Spanish-Zapotec Bilingual

Danish Multilingual Published in Denmark

Dutch Multilingual Published in The Netherlands

English Multilingual Published in London

English Multilingual Not Published in London

French Multilingual

German Multilingual

Icelandic Multilingual

Italian Multilingual

Latin Multilingual

Maltese Multilingual

Norwegian Multilingual

Portuguese Multilingual

Russian Multilingual

Spanish Multilingual

Swedish Multilingual

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Minimally described Cordell Collection pre 1901 | Cunningham Memorial Library Special Collections

Collection Overview

Title: Minimally described Cordell Collection pre 1901Add to your cart.

Extent: 0.0

Subjects: Lexicography

Scope and Contents of the Materials

World-renowned, this collection emphasizes pre-1901 examples, to show the development of the English language and modern lexicography.  The holdings are at least 60% in English, with the foreign materials emphasizing Western languages.  The earliest dictionary in the collection was published in 1475.  Post-1901 titles are also available.

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Administrative Information

Repository: Cunningham Memorial Library Special Collections

Related Materials: The titles listed here represent the uncataloged items from the Cordell Collection published before 1901.  Fully cataloged titles can be retrieved on the main Cunningham Memorial Library catalog. For more information please see

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[Series 1: English Monolingual, 1800-1810],
[Series 2: English Monolingual, 1811-1820],
[Series 3: English Monolingual, 1821-1825],
[Series 4: English Monolingual, 1826-1830],
[Series 5: English Monolingual, 1831-1835],
[Series 6: English Monolingual, 1836-1840],
[Series 7: English Monolingual, 1841-1845],
[Series 8: English Monolingual, 1846-1850],
[Series 9: English Monolingual, 1851-1855],
[Series 10: English Monolingual, 1856-1859],
[Series 11: English Monolingual, 1860-1863],
[Series 12: English Monolingual, 1864-1867],
[Series 13: English Monolingual, 1868-1871],
[Series 14: English Monolingual, 1872-1875],
[Series 15: English Monolingual, 1876-1879],
[Series 16: English Monolingual, 1880-1883],
[Series 17: English Monolingual, 1884-1887],
[Series 18: English Monolingual, 1888-1891],
[Series 19: English Monolingual, 1892-1895],
[Series 20: English Monolingual, 1896-undated],
[Series 21: Danish Monolingual],
[Series 22: Dutch Monolingual],
[Series 23: French Monolingual 1722-1814],
[Series 24: French Monolingual 1815-1900],
[Series 25: German Monolingual],
[Series 26: Greek Monolingual],
[Series 27: Hebrew Monolingual],
[Series 28: Hungarian Monolingual],
[Series 29: Italian Monolingual],
[Series 30: Latin Monolingual],
[Series 31: Marathi Monolingual],
[Series 32: Old English Monolingual],
[Series 33: Old Norse Monolingual],
[Series 34: Portuguese Monolingual],
[Series 35: Spanish Monolingual],
[Series 36: Swedish Monolingual],
[Series 37: Abenakis-English Bilingual],
[Series 38: Albanian-French Bilingual],
[Series 39: Albanian-Italian Bilingual],
[Series 40: Amharic-English Bilingual],
[Series 41: Arabic-English Bilingual],
[Series 42: Arabic-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 43: Arabic-Portuguese Bilingual],
[Series 44: Armenian-English Bilingual],
[Series 45: Assamese-English Bilingual],
[Series 46: Australian-English Bilingual],
[Series 47: Awabakal-English Bilingual],
[Series 48: Aymara-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 49: Basque-French Bilingual],
[Series 50: Bulgarian-English Bilingual],
[Series 51: Bulgarian-German Bilingual],
[Series 52: Carib-French Bilingual],
[Series 53: Catalan-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 54: Chinese-English Bilingual],
[Series 55: Chinese-French Bilingual],
[Series 56: Chinook-English Bilingual],
[Series 57: Cornish-English Bilingual],
[Series 58: Cree-English Bilingual],
[Series 59: Creole-English Bilingual],
[Series 60: Dakota-English Bilingual],
[Series 61: Danish-English Bilingual],
[Series 62: Danish-French Bilingual],
[Series 63: Danish-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 64: Danish-Swedish Bilingual],
[Series 65: Dutch-English Bilingual],
[Series 66: Dutch-French Bilingual],
[Series 67: Dutch-German Bilingual],
[Series 68: Dutch-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 69: Egyptian-French Bilingual],
[Series 70: English-Esperanto Bilingual],
[Series 71: English-French Bilingual, 1480-1794],
[Series 72: English-French Bilingual, 1795-1837],
[Series 73: English-French Bilingual 1838-N.D.],
[Series 74: English-Gaelic Bilingual],
[Series 75: English-German Bilingual],
[Series 76: English-Greek Bilingual],
[Series 77: English-Hawaiian Bilingual],
[Series 78: English-Hebrew Bilingual],
[Series 79: English-Hindi Bilingual],
[Series 80: English-Icelandic Bilingual],
[Series 81: English-Italian Bilingual],
[Series 82: English-Japanese Bilingual],
[Series 83: English-Kharia Bilingual],
[Series 84: English-Khasi Bilingual],
[Series 85: English-Kongo Bilingual],
[Series 86: English-Korean Bilingual],
[Series 87: English-Latin Bilingual, 1483-1800],
[Series 88: English-Latin Bilingual, 1801-1850],
[Series 89: English-Latin Bilingual, 1851-N.D.],
[Series 90: English-Malay Bilingual],
[Series 91: English-Manx Bilingual],
[Series 92: English-Maori Bilingual],
[Series 93: English-Marathi Bilingual],
[Series 94: English-Mota Bilingual],
[Series 95: English-Narragansett Bilingual],
[Series 96: English-Nez Perce Bilingual],
[Series 97: English-Norwegian Bilingual],
[Series 98: English-Old English Bilingual],
[Series 99: English-Old French Bilingual],
[Series 100: English-Oriya Bilingual],
[Series 101: English-Otchipwe Bilingual],
[Series 102: English-Penn German Bilingual],
[Series 103: English-Persian Bilingual],
[Series 104: English-Portuguese Bilingual],
[Series 105: English-Pushto Bilingual],
[Series 106: English-Romany Bilingual],
[Series 107: English-Russian Bilingual],
[Series 108: English-Sanskrit Bilingual],
[Series 109: English-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 110: English-Swedish Bilingual],
[Series 111: English-Tamil Bilingual],
[Series 112: English-Tibetan Bilingual],
[Series 113: English-Tongan Bilingual],
[Series 114: English-Turkish Bilingual],
[Series 115: English-Umbundu Bilingual],
[Series 116: English-Volapuk Bilingual],
[Series 117: English-Welsh Bilingual],
[Series 118: English-Zulu Bilingual],
[Series 119: Eskimo-German Bilingual],
[Series 120: French-German Bilingual],
[Series 121: French-Hungarian Bilingual],
[Series 122: French-Italian Bilingual],
[Series 123: French-Khmer Bilingual],
[Series 124: French-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 125: French-Nahuatl Bilingual],
[Series 126: French-Old French Bilingual],
[Series 127: French-Persian Bilingual],
[Series 128: French-Portuguese Bilingual],
[Series 129: French-Russian Bilingual],
[Series 130: French-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 131: French-Swahili Bilingual],
[Series 132: French-Swedish Bilingual],
[Series 133: French-Vietnames Bilingual],
[Series 134: French-Wyandot Bilingual],
[Series 135: German-Greek Bilingual],
[Series 136: German-Hungarian Bilingual],
[Series 137: German-Italian Bilingual],
[Series 138: German-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 139: German-Mandingo Bilingual],
[Series 140: German-Romanian Bilingual],
[Series 141: German-Sanskrit Bilingual],
[Series 142: German-Serbo-Croat Bilingual],
[Series 143: German-Slovene Bilingual],
[Series 144: German-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 145: German-Swedish Bilingual],
[Series 146: German-Volapuk Bilingual],
[Series 147: German-Wendish Bilingual],
[Series 148: Gothic-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 149: Greek-Italian Bilingual],
[Series 150: Greek-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 151: Hebrew-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 152: Hungarian-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 153: Icelandic-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 154: Icelandic-Old Norse Bilingual],
[Series 155: Italian-Latin Bilingual],
[Series 156: Italian-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 157: Kashmiri-Sanskrit Bilingual],
[Series 158: Latin-Old English Bilingual],
[Series 159: Latin-Polish Bilingual],
[Series 160: Latin-Sanskrit Bilingual],
[Series 161: Latin-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 162: Latin-Swedish Bilingual],
[Series 163: Latin-Welsh Bilingual],
[Series 164: Old Swedish-Swedish Bilingual],
[Series 165: Oriya-Sanskrit Bilingual],
[Series 166: Otomi-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 167: Paez-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 168: Pampanga-Spanish Bilingual],
[Series 169: Spanish-Zapotec Bilingual],
[Series 170: Danish Multilingual Published in Denmark],
[Series 171: Dutch Multilingual Published in The Netherlands],
[Series 172: English Multilingual Published in London],
[Series 173: English Multilingual Not Published in London],
[Series 174: French Multilingual],
[Series 175: German Multilingual],
[Series 176: Icelandic Multilingual],
[Series 177: Italian Multilingual],
[Series 178: Latin Multilingual],
[Series 179: Maltese Multilingual],
[Series 180: Norwegian Multilingual],
[Series 181: Portuguese Multilingual],
[Series 182: Russian Multilingual],
[Series 183: Spanish Multilingual],
[Series 184: Swedish Multilingual],