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Name: Indiana State University. College of Arts and Sciences

Historical Note: The central mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide students with a nationally recognized, contemporary education in the liberal arts and sciences. The college fosters an environment that advances innovative and integrative inquiry and engagement, builds on faculty expertise and institutional heritage, and involves students as collaborators in enhancing and developing the public good. The College of Arts and Sciences effectively brings together the disciplines that form the foundation of human knowledge. Studying the liberal arts and sciences teaches students important skills for participating fully in democratic citizenship: to find and analyze information, to form independent judgments through reasoning and moral reflection, to approach problem-solving ethically and creatively, to write and speak confidently, and to work and live with dignity and respect for humanity as part of diverse communities. Studying the liberal arts and sciences also provides students with a comprehensive knowledge base to draw upon in their daily lives, and prepares students for any number of exciting careers. Today’s professionals change jobs and careers frequently, and a broad education makes such changes possible and successful. The College of Arts and Sciences provides an excellent liberal arts and sciences education through a commitment to superior teaching and learning. This emphasis attracts approximately one-third of Indiana State University students who choose a major housed in the college. This group of students boasts the University’s highest test scores upon admission, as well as the University’s highest grade point average. The college also employs a talented faculty. As engaged teachers, faculty in the college emphasize the central role of questioning in the learning process, as well as offer innovative courses and diverse teaching methods. They also stay active in their fields by writing scholarly articles and books, creating works of art, running laboratories, doing field research, and performing music and theater.
Sources: 2011-2012 ISU Undergraduate Catalog

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